Marine Laundry Equipment

ROMEKO marine  is able to quote professional and commercial Marine Laundry equipment made by PRIMUS and LAVAMAC including:


  • Small capacity Washer units - washers, dryers can be combined in a stacked marine arrangement which occupies a minimum of space – ideal for crew laundries on passenger ships, cruise boats & offshore applications

  • Rigid mounted Washers - which are ideal for the cargo & bulk ships, tankers and other ships

  • Freestanding Washers - for the cruise-ships and ferries

  • Tumble dryers, rotary ironers and hydro-extractors

  • Any kind of spare parts made by Primus and Lavamac


We grant quick and flexible terms of delivery to any port all over the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

In case of any enquiry please send it to