Ship Repairs & Services

“ROMEKO marine” sp. z o.o. renders the following services as an agent:
  • repairs and maintenance (including the replacement of and grinding a shaft, either in workshop or onboard) of main and auxiliary engines by Sulzer type Z40, A25, A20, S20, and by other manufacturers: WÄRTSILÄ, M.A.N. B&W, PIELSTICK, MaK, SKL, YANMAR and DAIHATSU
  • repairs of electrical equipment during stops in port/shipyard
  • repairs of hydraulic installations
  • cleaning of ship tanks (oil products and other hazardous substances), cleaning of ship separator and settling tanks, sewage and water supply system cleaning, ship piping system cleaning including transport, disposal and utilization of waste and oiled waters coming from those tanks
  • repairs of rudder, primarily manufactured by ABB Zamech
  • repairs and modifications of refrigeration and air condition systems
  • replacement of Freon R22 with an ecological medium in refrigeration and air condition systems
  • Freon R22 recycling
  • repairs of rescue boats
  • repairs of all types of ship cranes and winches
  • ship general overhauls within the range of class and dry-docking repairs
We provide the above services in Polish and foreign ports, including during voyage. In emergencies, we render 24h services.
We offer our services to shipowners and managers of ships who search for professional repair teams.